Sumburgh Head Puffins on a May Sunday.

Sumburgh Head 25 May 15_0076_edited-2

Sumburgh Head 25 May 15_0042_edited-2

Seems like forever since I got out and about with the camera.  Busy life.  All the sweeter it was when we took the time to head to Sumburgh to see what wonderful bird life would await us.  We weren’t disappointed.  Here is a flavour of the delights of the Sumburgh Head RSPB Reserve: a location with Sumburgh Head 25 May 15_0031_edited-2 Sumburgh Head 25 May 15_0028_edited-2 Sumburgh Head 25 May 15_0014_edited-2 Sumburgh Head 25 May 15_0099_edited-3a very special place in my heart.  The puffin pictures were taken just near the fog horn, a great place to photograph these beautiful birds against the dramatic backdrop of blue sea.  The fulmer was taken pretty much in the same place.  The guillemots are further down the hill looking down onto the rocks.  Later in the summer this is a fantastic place to watch the guillemot jumplings when, still unable to fly,  they follow their dads off the cliff in the ultimate leap of faith and take their chances as they swim towards Norway.  Amazing.


27th April: Morning Sunshine in Scalloway

Took the opportunity to get out in the morning sunshine before getting on with all the indoor work of the day.  It’s been a beautiful day overall, but with some mad hail showers that seemed to come from nowhere.  The days are getting longer now.  I love this time of year as we head towards the Simmer Dim, where day never really gives way to night.S'way 27 April 15_0029_edited-3 S'way 27 April 15_0074_edited-3 S'way 27 April 15_0086_edited-3

21st April: Sun at Sumburgh Head

Sumburgh 19 april 15_0034_edited-3
view to West Voe beach and Sumburgh Airport

The weekend yielded some proper sunshine with temperatures up to a roaring 14 degrees!  I kid you not, it was properly warm once you got out of the breeze.  Sitting behind the lighthouse buildings at Sumburgh Head was a proper little sun trap.  And what a sky – hardly a cloud to disturb the blue.  The views from Sumburgh Head make my heart sing.  It is quite simply one of my favourite places in the whole world.  The puffins are beginning to return, though we didn’t see any on Sunday.  The rocks are once again covered in the white wash of guillemot poo (always a good sign) and the smell and the noise of this seabird colony is returning.  It’s genuinely thrilling to watch it coming back to life.  Will post seabird images as soon as I have some to share.  For now here are a few images from my walk on Sunday.

Sumburgh 19 april 15_0041_edited-3
Looking west to Fitful Head
Sumburgh 19 april 15_0105_edited-3
A plane takes off from Sumburgh Airport, below us.
Sumburgh 19 april 15_0084_edited-2
Sumburgh Light: built by Robert Stevenson in 1821 and still serving.

15th April: Seal Cubs in Lerwick

So after my physio appointment in Lerwick, I thought I’d pop across the road to see if there were any seals enjoying the sun on the rocks.  I wasn’t disappointed.  I just couldn’t take my eyes off this youngster.  It’s great to be able to observe from a respectful and safe distance, but still be close enough to really enjoy these amazing animals in their natural habitat. I came away feeling very good inside.

  s'way lerwick 15 april 15_0091_edited-3 s'way lerwick 15 april 15_0092_edited-3 s'way lerwick 15 april 15_0110_edited-3 s'way lerwick 15 april 15_0112_edited-3

14th April, Scalloway. Fine Weather Holding…

Well well well, the weather looked kindly upon us again today so off I headed on my usual walking route around Scalloway.  The red building is Norway House, which gave much needed accommodation to those arriving in Shetland from Norway as part of the Shetland Bus operation in WW2.  It now houses the gym for the Shetland weight lifting club.  Scalloway still has strong and active links with Norway.

S'way 14 april 15_0003_edited-3 S'way 14 april 15_0012_edited-3 S'way 14 april 15_0023_edited-3

I love looking at the Malakoff Pier – the ships in dry dock towering above the surrounding buildings.

The boating club harbour always offers rich pickings for new pictures.

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